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Montenegro rent a car service Montenegrodrive is comfortable and safe rental car service. Go through south and north and experience a great contrasts of nature, feelings and food at a such small space. Price starting from 49 euros per day.

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Enjoy the great ride Montenegro with this very economical and comfortable car. Price starting from 29 euros per day.


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About Montenegrodrive rent a car

Thinking about way to travel through Montenegro? Rent a car services in Montenegro is the easiest way to discover "wild beauty" of our country. Discover beautiful beaches, the deepest canyon in Europe where rafting is unforgettable, five different national parks, the most southern fjord in Europe, stunning mountains and many other cultural and historical sights whenever and as long as you want. "Montenegrodrive " rent a car services can help you spend the unforgettable moments in Montenegro.

Montenegrodrive rent a car is a part of Monteprom company which is established in 1999 in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. Since 2011 when Monteprom company established Montenegrodrive rent a car, we proudly present the loyalty of our clients as our main business satisfaction. Rent a car service at Podgorica airport, rent a car service at Tivat airport, rent a car service in Budva, rent a car service in Montenegro – just choose destination, date and time and it will be our pleasure to be at your service

Terms and Conditions

1. MONTENEGRO DRIVE (further: Lessor) rents a vehicle quoted on the first page of this contract, to the Lessee, on time and by the terms stated in this contract.      

2. The lessee is obligated, and by his signature acknowledges the following general terms, and, also, undertakes to follow and respect the obligations from this contract:      

a) He/she must be minimum 22 years old and have a driving experience of 2 years;

b) He/she is taking a vehicle that is fully functioning, with the current amount of fuel in the fuel tank and all the necessary papers about the vehicle, as well as equipment accessories.

c) He/she must return the rented car by the time stated in the contract, or sooner upon the demand of the lessor.

d) If the lessee cann't return the car on time, and wants to continue the car renting, he/she is obligated to announce it, otherwise, after the time is up, the vehicle will be considered stolen, and the lessor will contact the police.

e) The lessee is obligated to take care of the vehicle, and to notify the lessor if any damage is made.

f)  The lessee is obligated not to use the vehicle under these circumstances:

- under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other substance

- for illegal services (felonies, offense against customs regulations, etc..)

- for the transport of merchandise and passengers

- for the sports competitions

- the lessee is obligated to use the vehicle for his/her needs

- the lessee can give the car only to the person stated in the contract as the second driver

- the rented car mustn't be overloaded with the persons and objects, over the permitted maximum

- the lessee mustn't cross the border of Montenegro without the consent of the lessor

3. The price includes the insurance of the third party in the case of an accident, full casko insurance, insurance from a possible theft (the stated insurance is not valid on the territory of Kosovo).

4. If because of the negligence of the driver tires, wheels and undercarriage of vehicles or vehicle power train is damaged, and when it has not been a traffic accident, the Lessee is obligated to pay to the lessor the full amount of repair costs of vehicle and the amount lost for daily rental of the vehicle by the current price list for time of repair.

5. In case of loss of the document or the keys, the user is obliged to pay a sum of 500 €.

6. Disregarding the included insurance, all the expenses will be charged to the lessee, at the market prices, as well as the expenses of Lessor's rent a car due to:

- the damage made under the influence of the alcohol or drugs

- the damage caused intentionally or by the negligent driving (while driving out of the main road, etc..)

- the driver was not in the possession of a valid driving license at the moment of the accident, or he/she had gave the wrong information about himself/herself      

- the lessee will take the full responsibility of the damage caused by negligent use of the vehicle, in the case he violates any of the stipulations from this contract, which he/she undertook by sighing of this contract.

7. In the case of an accident the lessee is obligated to protect the interests of the lessor and his insurance company by:

- making note of the names and the address of the participants and the witnesses of the accident

- not leaving the damaged vehicle, till the arrival of the police, fill out the official record about the accident, move the vehicle from the accident place and take the security measures

- notifying closest MONTENEGRODRIVE office center

8. If in the case of an accident or damage the lessee should not fulfill all the obligations stated in the article 7 of this contract, he/she will be liable for every possible consequence that could emerge because of it.

9. Any alternation of this contract is valid only if approved in writing by both sides.

10. The lessee is obligated to pay off the amount to the lessor on time, for:

- the daily renting, according to the price-list,

- the traffic tickets of the lessee while using the vehicle, made by his/her violating traffic regulations,

- the judicatory expenses, due to court settlement

11. If the lessee settles rental charges by credit card, he/she authorizes the lessor with his/her signature on the original contract to charge the total rental cost to a particular card issuing organization.

12. Any litigation in conjunction with this rental agreement will be disputed before Court in Podgorica.


Can I change my booking?

You can change your booking up to 48 hours prior to pick up. Please write an email to the address given in the confirmation mail. There is no charge.

Can I cancel my booking?

Cancellation is only allowed up till 48 hours prior to pick up. If you cancel after that date you are obliged to pay the full rental fee.

If I am late returning the car is there an additional charge?

Rental days are based on 24 hour units, commencing at the time of pick up. If you return the car late, you will be charged a full day rate.

I have booked but have not received my email confirmation?

You will automatically receive an email confirmation. If you have not received an email confirmation please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  stating this fact. Then we will inquire into the matter.

Will I have to pay for a full tank of petrol?

The car will be provided to you with a full tank. If you do not return the car with a full tank we will charge you for the re-filling according to our re-filling chart.

Can I rent a car if I don’t have a credit card?

Yes, we accept cash.

What kind of credit cards do you accept?

In general we accept Visa,  American Express, Master card etc.

How do I make a complaint once the rental is over?

Please send an email to our manager at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  stating your agreement number and your complaint.

Can I take the car out of the country?

Yes, you may take car in one of the bordering countries, but additional payment will be required.

What do I need to pick up the car?

  • A valid credit card or cash
  • Driving licence: Must be valid and at least two years driving experience. If in non-roman alphabet you must have a translation.

What do I do if I have an accident?

In the event of an accident, it is important that details are reported to police (dial 122) and to DRIVE MONTENEGRO immediately. In case you are not at fault we will provide you with another vehicle.

You must also complete and sign any paperwork given by the police. Full details of third parties should also be obtained.

You should retain copies of all rental documentation in the event an insurance company is involved. Your insurance cover may be invalidated if this procedure is not followed correctly and this may prejudice any claim for compensation.

What if I return the car early?

If you either chose or had to return your vehicle, prior to the pre-booked completion date, we regret to say that we are unable to refund any of the unused rental time.

 Am I allowed to take the cars off-road?

In case the car is taken off road all insurances are null and void. Any and all damages attributable to the driving off-road will be charged to the customer.

Can more than one person drive the car?

Yes, but please state the other driver when you pick up the car. This is important for insurance reason and in case you are being pulled over by the police.

Children and safety

In many countries children under 135cm are required to sit in a child seat or booster. You can take these seats in Montenegro drive rent a car free of charge.

How can I get an invoice?

We will send an invoice to you by email after return of the car including all details. If this does not satisfy your special needs please don’t hesitate to make us aware of this and we will make any reasonable amendments.

Must I have my driver’s license with me?

Yes, we do only accept original drivers licenses which are not expired and in roman letters. We do not accept copies.

Once I have collected the car, can I extend the lease?

Generally yes, however in peak season from time to time we have to reject this request if other guests have made reservation and we are out of cars.

What should I do with paperwork pertaining to my rental?

We advise you to retain any paperwork you receive, including the rental agreement, final invoice, and fuel receipts - this will enable us to assist you in answering any questions you may have

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